Curtsies and Conspiracies

Curtsies and Conspiracies

(Finishing School #2)


By Gail Carriger

Sophronia, second year at Miss Geraldine’s Finishing Academy, helps Dimity avoid London kidnappers and Vieve 10 attend Bunson boys’ school. Someone kills for malfunctioning guidance valves that can control ‘aether’ atmosphere level. Again, she flirts with ‘sootie’ coal-worker Soap from the boiler room, and cuts Felix, son of Duke Golborne, at come-out ball. Teacher Captain Niall turns werewolf; vampire Prof Braithwope braves ‘tether’; mechanimal Bumbersnoot plays essential role.


Lydia’s Opinion

3.7 stars

This novel was particularly interesting as it had a mix of many different types of worlds, there were werewolves and vampires although the novel was not based around these ideas. The novel included a whole other world of mechanics and socialites. We see how Sophronia has changed and matured as a lady. I enjoy her character and find her to be extremely resourceful. I enjoyed the continuation of the previous novel (Etiquette and espionage). Though i found that the story sometimes took unnecessary twists that served no purpose to the overall plot line. I also found that you couldn’t have really guessed the ending of the novel which is something i greatly enjoy “trying” to do. Overall i thought this novel is a great read for when its raining outside. It keeps you engaged and interested in the story.



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