Pandemonium (Delirium #2)


By Lauren Oliver

I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, pushing aside thoughts of Alex, pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school, push, push, push, like Raven taught me to do.

The old life is dead.

But the old Lena is dead too.

I buried her.

I left her beyond a fence, behind a wall of smoke and flame.


Eliana’s Opinion:

2.5 Stars

I enjoyed Delirium on many different levels so I had high hopes for Pandemonium in terms of characters and plot. In many areas my expectations were met but in others the reality fell short. Lena now in the Wilds by herself is taken in by a whole slew of new characters. Sadly, we do not get a deeper understanding of these new characters. Which is a shame because each one of these new personalities peeked my interest.

With Alex now gone there is the introduction of a new male love interest. I was not thrilled about this new development mostly because I found it unnecessary due to this novel’s ending. Just once I would like the protagonist to forge a kinship with another character with no promise of romantic attachments. I did find myself more drawn towards this new love interest. The reason being, I liked Lena better as a character when she was with him. In the first instalment of this series I did not find myself drawn to or particularly moved by Lena. However in Pandemonium we see some major character growth. She grew into her role as an Invalid, learned to defend herself and handle herself with more confidence and quickly became an expert at lying through her teeth. She proved to be resourceful and cunning and I found myself warming up to this new Lena rather quickly. She still has not discovered who she is, but this proved to be a rather promising start.

My main problem with Pandemonium was that the ending of the novel felt more like the middle of the novel. There was very little action or information pertaining to the resistance and Lena’s role in it. Frankly, hardly anything happened. Delirium’s final chapter was a cliff hanger that squeezed at my heart strings and propelled me to pick up the sequel. However, Pandemonium’s cliff hanger left me with my jaw on the floor.


Lydia’s Opinion:

4 stars

I greatly enjoyed this novel compared to the first in the trilogy. I love that Lena seems to have stepped up and taken an active role in her own future. With the loss of Alex, Lena has  developed into a stronger female character and discovered her opinions and who she truly is. This could be compared to being a metaphor to the struggles of a teenager. A teenager must discover for the first time who they are, who they want to be and what they stand for.

Lena has always had this decided for her by the government and then by Alex. For the first time in her life Lena is given the opportunity to create her own ideals and make her own choices, to find out the person she is going to be. I really dont have any major complaints about the novel, it was just that good. One thing i noticed was although we saw much character growth in Lena we did not see much character growth in the minor characters in the novel, which was a downside. I loved loved loved the suspenseful ending. I was cursing my self for reading the novel before the next one was released. It was a huge cliff hanger!!! I literally could not form words for at least 10 minutes after reading it! I would most definitely recommend the novel to absolutely everyone!


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