Bad Habits 

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Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the lovely people down at The Broke and Bookish.

Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit

I feel like there are so many bad reading habits that need to stop but we’ll try and limit the number to just ten. Not to mention all the books that are left at the wayside…


  1. Getting distracted or bored. This is my biggest mistake when I pick up a new book. I will often stray from the book in order to pick up another one or give up entirely when the book lags only to come back to the same book months later.
  2. The Outlander series. I bowed out of reading this series after ploughing through a good chunk of the second book. I still remain a fan of the TV series though.
  3. The Unwind trilogy. An extremely disappointing read and I have no intention of ever revisiting the series.
  4. Contemporary romance. I have to stop falling into the trap of reading what’s popular even though I know this isn’t a genre I generally enjoy.
  5. Picking a book up in spite of the bad reviews and being surprised when the book is disappointing.
  6. Reading on my I-phone. I hate squinting at the small screen, especially with my eye sight but then I want to continue reading the book, so what do I do?
  7. The Raven Boys. Eliana does not agree with this opinion, but let me warn you! STAY AWAY!!
  8. Cassandra Clare. Did not like the mortal instruments at all, too slow. Then again, I loved Will from the infernal devices but the ending was horrible. So no more Cassandra Clare for me!
  9. Getting excited for the movie. When I see that a book I loved is getting a movie, I get so excited, thinking its going to be the new Harry Potter! Then of course I am surprised when they cast the wrong actors and the movie is a huge disappointment.
  10. John Green. As shocking as this is going to sound, I hated “The Fault in our Stars” and the movie was even worse.

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