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Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the lovely people down at The Broke and Bookish.

Top Ten Scary Bookish Things

This post was extremely hard to create because neither of us is heavily into thrillers or horror novels. We tried our best and this is a blend of novels and movies (based on books) that creeped us out.


  1. The Silence of the Lambs, the movie based on the book with the same name. Not so much terrifying as it was disturbing.
  2. The Walking Dead, one of the most popular shows on air at the moment and inspired by the comics of Robert Kirkman. This show isn’t actually all that scary but is worth noting for it’s excellent use of zombies.
  3. The Exorcist, originally a novel by William Peter Blatty. I have to admit that I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of the movie and refuse to touch the book for fear of never sleeping again.
  4. The Shining, by Stephen King. I read about half the novel before giving up and hiding it in my closet where it couldn’t hurt me.
  5. 1984, by Geroge Orwell. I wouldn’t really classify this novel as scary, more as wholly depressive and hopeless. Though the torture scene, while not graphic, gave me the shivers just because well, rodents.
  6. Boringly long books with tiny script, I have to admit, I am truly terrified when I open up a big thick book, especially textbooks. Opening the first page and finding a tiny script which I can barely read is terrifying.
  7. Rebecca, by Daphne de Maurier, this was a terrifying book, you may have heard of it from it’s famous opening sentence, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again”.
  8. Dracula, by Bram Stoker. Of course we are missing probably the most famous book of them all! The famous vampire Dracula!!!
  9. It, by Stephen King. One of the more scary tv shows by a highly well known author. Possibly, one of the most famous horror/thriller author of his time!
  10. Realistic Books, I have to say the most realistic, saddest, depressing novels, can sometimes be the most scary. They drive home the fact that anything could happen to us at any point in time. A terrifying thought!

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