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There is very little I love more than books and Netflix, except maybe a combination of the two. Thank you Aimal over at Bookshelves and Paperbacks for the nomination! Please make your way over to her blog. All of her reviews are creative and honest and I love hearing her thoughts on everything from love triangles to badass protagonists. This book tag was created by Lauren and Christy, credit goes to them for creating a tag we can all relate to.

General Rules of the Tag:

  • Choose a book or book series that best matches the prompt provided
  • Feel free to change the TV show if you’d like it to reflect YOUR preferences!
  • A blank set of the prompts is located at the very bottom in the scroll box
  • Feel free to use our header graphic with the usual credits
  • Link back to us and tag some friends to join in!

The Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen


In the true spirit of The Vampire Diaries I have picked a novel where I waffled between a pair of brothers. I was never all that enamoured with Liam, his brother, however, was all sorts of interesting. Cole, a red, was just as dangerous and morally ambiguous as Ruby and as such I found myself regrettably bored with Liam and completely charmed with Cole. Even knowing that Ruby and Cole would never engage in a romantic relationship I still thought they were a better match.

Friends: best cast of characters/friendships


Blue and her boys were the best part of this series. Despite the fairly strange and slow moving plot the characters and their dynamics were captivating. There was nothing more enjoyable than watching the blossoming relationships between these characters.

Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels


If you have not read this sweet little bit of fiction you are missing out. I originally read this novel a few years back and was unprepared by how easily I fell in love with Aristotle and Dante. The happy ending did nothing to prevent my tears. I would be in awe of anyone who could read this novel and remain unmoved.

How I Met Your Mother: bad ending


I have to admit to not being all that fond of the first book. The crude, primitive culture which they found themselves entrenched in did not appeal to me. The second book was a lot of fun though and I quickly became enamoured with Laurent and Damen. However, I was disappointed by the anticlimactic ending which tied up all the political manoeuvrings of three books in what seemed like a single chapter.

The OC: series that should have ended earlier


I never actually finished this series and as such am unaware if Cassandra Clare was able to pull these novels out of the rut I left them in when I stopped reading them. However, I was impressed with the first three novels and thought the banter between characters redeemed a lot of the aimless and unnecessary plot lines.

One Tree Hill: favourite book boyfriend


Not going to lie Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. And it’s no wonder with characters like Adrian causing our heroines emotional distress. Adrian is as loving as he is unstable and well I love a man with a sordid past. Nonetheless, Adrian is loving and committed and the illicit nature of their romance did make me swoon a little.

Breaking Bad: favourite villain


In keeping with the downfall of a hero present in Breaking Bad I have chosen a novel in which the protagonist and his surrounding friends are the villains of their own story. The slow progression of Richard’s commitment to the murder of a fellow student is at once chilling and alarming. Alarming in that the murder doesn’t seem so awful upon its completion, largely due to our connection to Richard.

Modern Family: best family or parents


Maybe not the “best” family but certainly the most realistic and interesting. The family dynamics and the subsequent betrayals and lies which fractured it were an important facet of this story.

I Nominate: 

Becca @ Becca and Books

Sophie @ Book Wish

Kristy @ The Reader Dragon

Theresa @ The Calico Books

Summer @ Xingsings

You are under no obligation to complete this tag if you’re not interested or have already completed it!

All Prompts:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: unlikeable character(s)
Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen
Friends: best cast of characters/friendships
Gossip Girl: hate that you love or guilty pleasure
Doctor Who: long series you loved
Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels
How I Met Your Mother: bad ending
Supernatural: favorite paranormal/fantasy
Freaks & Geeks: left you wanting more
The OC: series that should have ended earlier
Girl Meets World: should have a spin-off
That 70’s Show: set in a different time period
Orange is the New Black: couldn’t stop reading
Parks and Recreation: made you laugh out loud
One Tree Hill: favorite book boyfriend
Breaking Bad: favorite villain
Modern Family: best family or parents


4 thoughts on “Book Tag: Netflix + Books

  1. Whilst I loved Ruby and Liam, I really enjoyed the dynamic between Cole and Ruby and I wouldn’t have minded if it went that way. I’m just so glad there wasn’t a love triangle 😂 And yes at Blue and the Raven Boys! They’re one of my favourite friendships ever.

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