Live and Learn

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s top ten things books have made me want to do or learn about after reading them.

Books can be a vessel  for social issues, current events and even dragons. And as a result can have far reaching consequences, influencing the readers’ lives even once having left the comfort of a novel’s pages.

1. Me Before You

Made me want to create a bucket list. The book emphasizes how we should all try to live our lives as fully as possible because we could all be victims of unforeseen circumstances. This caused me to put together a short list to avoid getting trapped in the mundane like Lou.

2. Outlander

Made me want to travel to Scotland. Though I hold no hopes of encountering my own dashing highlander I guess I’ll have to settle for epic scenery and a slice of Scottish history.

3. Vampire Academy

Made me want to kick some major ass. If I was irritated at Rose’s sometimes selfish nature this was offset by her ability to take care of herself and throw a mean right hook.

4. The Kite Runner

Made me want to know more about Afghanistan’s history. My knowledge of the history of Afghanistan was very limited before reading this book and I remember having to do a fair bit of research before I was satisfied with my ability to place events.

5. Animal Farm

Made me want to learn about the Russian Revolution of 1917. Nothing peaks my interest more than a well written novel and Animal Farm was no exception.

6. The Song of Achilles

Made me want to learn about the Trojan War. I currently have a copy of the Iliad sitting on my shelf waiting to be cracked open.

7. 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Made me want to travel. Whatever form that might take, backpacking or couch jumping, this book caused a major case of wanderlust.

8. My Sister’s Keeper

Made me realize, even through my rose coloured eleven year old brain, that parents are far from perfect. One might even go so far as to say flawed.

9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Made me want to learn about greek mythology. I think every kid who stumbled upon this series was immediately taken with Riordan’s ability to integrate greek myths into the lives of coming of age demigods.

10. Gallagher Girls

Made me want to go to boarding school. This didn’t necessarily have to be of the super spy kind but this book was a romantic depiction of boarding school, love and friendship that had a younger me sighing dreamily and jealously.


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