Love is in the Air

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s a freebie. I’ve picked top ten favourite fictional book couples because I love romance as much as the next person and have often fallen prone to dreamy sighs and giggles while reading novels. This list just encompasses a few of the couples who have captured my heart over the past few years.

1. Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle)

If anyone deserves a happy ending it’s these two.

2. Sydney and Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines)

I will forever be enamoured with these two and their tooth achingly sweet romance amid the tribulations of having to break one of the biggest taboos of the vampire world to be together.

3. Feyre and Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses)

Having just finished the second novel of this still budding series I am now begrudgingly committed to finding out how they survive the upcoming terrors and reunite.

4. Alec and Magnus (The Mortal Instruments)

Despite their being secondary characters their romance touched me a lot more than whatever complicated entanglement Clary and Jace were part of.

5. Katsa and Po (Graceling)

The couples that fight together stay together.

6. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Be still my twelve year old heart. Reading these novels in middle school had me completely enamoured with these two and their sweet and slow burning romance.

7. Wanda and Ian O’Shea (The Host)

This was the first novel I read which really brought me into the world of young adult literature and I will forever be thankful for this complicated but beautiful romance.

8. Jesper and Wylan (Six of Crows)

They’re not technically cannon but I have high hopes for these two thanks to a delicate flirtation.

9. Achilles and Patroclus (The Song of Achilles)

Despite my not being the biggest fan of the book as a whole I cannot dispute the fact that their love was, dare I say, destined.

10. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley (Harry Potter

Who didn’t admire their dedication to their children and each other despite the hardships they endured.



7 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. *sees Sydney x Adrian*
    *slams the like button*
    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE Sydney and Adrian. I have such fond memories of reading the books on release day and just crying from happiness because of their love and relationship. And I agree! They overcome so much and go through so much to be together. AH I feel like rereading the whole series now just to experience it again. ❀

    1. Everytime I read those novels I was overcome with giddiness. And I have read them a few times now (it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure). You can not imagine the squeals I made when I read the epilogue of Ruby Circle. Too perfect, too adorable.

      1. Ugh yes! I remember finishing The Indigo Spell and trying to explain in between tears of joy the sorority scene to my sister. X’D AH I love them; probably my all-time fave couple tbh. Their growth and development is just. perfect.

        I kinda wish (and kinda don’t?) that Mead will write more of Sydney and Adrian, even if they just appear as cameos. That’d make me so happy. ;_;

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