Underrated and Unknown

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s a TV show related freebie. I’ve decided to do top ten TV shows that are underrated. I didn’t quite make it to ten but each of these TV shows deserves a chance.

I think many of us can fall into the trap of watching what’s popular or highly recommended, and while this is a great way to go about finding our favourite TV shows, here are some gems which fly a little under the radar.

Please Like Me


This Australian comedy drama which is written and created by Josh Thomas centres around a twenty-something year old, also played by Josh Thomas, struggling to cement his place in life. At once sharp and hilarious the show brings to life an amazing cast of characters who make mistakes and are messy in their affection. Moreover the show discusses hard hitting subjects like depression, suicide, sexuality and abortion with a light tone that betrays the depth of these issues.

In the Flesh


In true British fashion, instead of eradicating the world of zombies they’ve decided to medicate them to keep their brain eating tendencies under control. Our lead, Kieren Walker, is a young zombie who struggles with the implications of coming home to his small zombie fearing town. Though the show was cancelled before the ball really got rolling I challenge anyone to watch this show and not fall for Kieren’s subdued and enigmatic presence and the subtle strife which is the undercurrent of their small town life.

My Mad Fat Diary


I don’t know how underrated this show actually is but I think everyone needs to delve into Rae’s world. Rae’s narration is littered with self-criticism and quick wit. Struggling with anxiety, depression and intense feelings of self-consciousness Rae has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and endeavours to adjust to life and not fall into destructive habits. There are bright spots and the show manages to be heart warming even as it deals with literally every relevant issue you can think of.

Agent Carter


This short lived show featured Peggy Carter, Captain America’s sweetheart, as she navigated the male dominated world of espionage. This show depicts Peggy in all her glory and allows for elaboration on her character and skills out of the context of her connection to Captain America. Despite the limitations of her gender, imposed on her by others, Peggy manipulates this to her advantage and becomes an unstoppable force. If you’re looking for a fast paced show featuring a strong female lead this show is it.

Peaky Blinders


A period drama which centres around a family that controls Birmingham, England. Tommy Shelby, the undisputed head of this family, rules with a tight fist and an icy exterior. Tommy, a classic anti hero archetype, schemes to keep his family on top. The series is dark and dreary but in the most addictive way. The chaotic violent nature of the family is showcased as they navigate the challenges of remaining in power.



This period drama centres around the life of Ross Poldark, who having just returned from war comes home to a ruined estate and his fiancé married to another. Soon he encounters Demelza a young woman who has suffered at the hands of her abusive father. Ross hires her as a kitchen maid and soon their relationship blossoms. Perfect for fans of Outlander, Poldark has strong leads and romance though it remains less adventurous than its counterpart.

The Bletchley Circle


The show is led by four women who, as retired codebreakers for Bletchley Park, are bored with their daily lives. Confined to traditional roles and jobs the women seek each other out and decide to try and solve crimes that plague their city. The women are unprepared for the real life consequences of their actions and investigations, and their imposed domesticity is sharply contrasted against the violence of the crimes they choose to investigate.


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