Diversity Spotlight #6: Movies

This weekly spotlight was created by Aimal over at Bookshelves and Paperbacks. Please feel free to view the full post and all the details here.

I have decided to do something a little different this week in honour of the Toronto International Film Festival taking place in my beloved city. I love books just as much as the next person but sometimes curling up with your laptop and a heart warming movie can be just as comforting. As such, this week I’ve decided to focus on movies which put a spotlight on diversity.

A Movie I’ve Seen
The Way He Looks


This undeniably sweet coming of age story details the life of Leo, a blind Brazilian teenager, as he navigates the dangerous waters of high school. With the addition of new student, Gabriel, Leo comes to learn a few things about himself. The movie is understated and holds a simplistic beauty. And while the dialogue is often stilted and cheesy, remember it is a foreign film, it’s a lot of fun.

Movies I Want To Watch
American Honey


This gritty and enigmatic tail follows a young woman as she traipses across the country with a band of misfits living on the fringes of society. The film is hard hitting in its depiction of extreme poverty and lust.



This harrowing tale follows the life of Chiron as he navigates a world and oppressive system which wishes to see him fail. Underlying this are the complex emotions which fuel his connection to his best friend.

Soon To Be Released
Black Panther


The only none indie flick in this post is the upcoming Marvel blockbuster to be released in 2018. T’Challa made his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War and I cannot wait for him to get his own movie. Not much has been revealed about the movie so far but I am nonetheless  awaiting its release with great excitement.



6 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight #6: Movies

  1. I’m going to put all these on my to-watch! I haven’t even heard of any of these. I suck at keeping up with movies, honestly, so I’m so glad you decided to put this spin to the topic! I wasn’t able to get my post up for this week because I’ve been super busy with work/school, but I posted a link to this on my Twitter to make up for it! ❤ I hope you don't mind!

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