Turn Up the Volume

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s an audio freebie. I’ve chosen top ten of my favourite songs that remind me of book characters or moments. Music, like books, has the power to move us and when you combine the two than you’re in for a whirlwind of feels.

Control – Halsey

This song is basically the anthem for The Darkest Minds. The whole song is frighteningly perfect for Ruby. It speaks of controlling your demons and awful energy. I doubt Halsey meant it to be taken so literally but well.

You & I – Rhodes

I have been listening to this song on repeat incessantly since I found it. The whole song reminds me forcefully of The Raven Boys.

Burn it Down – Colour of Clouds

This song is well fitted to our favourite assassin. Aelin from Throne of Glass, although wanting to literally burn things down, is plagued by haunting memories and I think this song manages a striking, albeit ironic, expression of this.

Back to You – Twin Forks

This quietly upbeat tune is a positive little song about getting back to the ones you love. It’s reminiscent, at least for me, of the last Harry Potter novel. Despite the brutality of the last novel the characters reunite with their loved ones and find happiness.

Bones – MS MR

This song is eerie and soulful and because of this it has always rang true as having belonged to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer for me.

Love Like This – Kodaline

The song is, unsurprisingly, about love and let’s face it Adrian and Sydney from Bloodlines have always been a favourite couple of mine. This song depicts the unbelievability of love with a quiet reverence I think mirrors Adrian’s own disbelief in the novel.

I Found – Amber Run

This is a beautiful song about finding love in unexpected places. I think Rowan and Aelin are a lovely fit for this song.

Wires – The Neighbourhood

This song reminds me of A Darker Shade of Magic, maybe it’s the pulsing intensity of the song or the repeated mantra of “straight to hell” but this song is dark and foreboding in much the same way the series is.

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

Think The Six of Crows, the connection between these two is fairly obvious.

With Wings – Amy Stroup

This song is quietly beautiful, with a slow tempo and pretty imagery, the song speaks of slow burning love in my mind. And because of this, and the lazy slow pace the song has always reminded me of If I Stay and Mia’s journey back to the world of the living.


6 thoughts on “Turn Up the Volume

  1. Haha, we have pretty similar taste when it comes to music, Eliana! And I loved all the songs you chose (well at least all the ones that are familiar to me). I’m currently reading SoC, and I totally thought Heathens fitted perfectly as well. XD

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