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Lover of books, Oreos, and good coffee. Easily distracted by addictive TV shows and thoughtful comments. Known to reach inescapable levels of fangirling. Currently struggling through high school.

I love reading reviews I disagree with or those which amaze me in their accuracy. Basically just trying to organize my jumbled thoughts into coherent reviews to incense and motivate other readers.



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eliana and Lydia! I really like how this a joint blog between you both. Funnily enough, my best friend is also named Lydia, and we had thoughts of doing something like this in high school. XD Hope you both are having a great/day night! Happy reading! ^.^

    1. That’s hilarious, what are the chances? Your blog is amazing by the way so I can only imagine what having two people working on it would have done. Have a great day I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

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